About the Owner

Welcome Maine Coon enthusiasts and all around feline lovers:

  Hi! I'm Linda Davila, the owner of Envey Meow. I have always admired our feline companions for their beauty and wit, and I've owned many different breeds since I was a child.

  I actually started out in this business back in 1998, breeding and showing Persians. One day, at an national industry cat show featuring our luxuriant Persians, we came across the Maine Coon breed. You might say that this stunning, huge, elegant new breed stole the show--and our hearts! We were utterly entranced.

  My husband and I fell head over heels in love with these easygoing, gentle giants. Persians are a fussy breed that require a great deal of maintenance. I was dealing with some health issues, and wanted to develop a lineage in a cat breed that was a little easier to handle. We chose the Maine Coon breed, and have never looked back.

  I've now been breeding Maine Coons since 2001, and I can't imagine loving a breed more! The beauty, personality, and the sweet, loyal nature of these gentle giants never ceases to amazes me. They are extremely clever and quick to learn, and their overall sound, healthy constitution naturally translates into an unusually long, Hale and hearty lifespan.

Our featured Maine Coon at the top of this page is Bullet. Bullet was one of our prized classic black and silver Maine Coons. He was 9 years old when he passed away last year. He is the father of one of our queens; Bullet's Dolly. 

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