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UPDATED- 06/03/2016

CH Envey-Meow Silver Bullet photographed 06/06/2015

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Hi, My name is Linda Davila. I have always had a cat my entire life. I started out breeding and showing persian cats since 1998. While showing our persians at the cat shows we came across the Maine Coon breed and my husband and I fell in love with them. Because of the high maintenance required with the persian cat and my carpal tunnel we chose the Maine Coon breed. I have now been breeding Maine Coons since 2001. I can't imagine loving a breed more! The beauty, the size, the gentle nature of these beautiful giants just amazes me. They are so extremely smart and quick to learn new tricks. They can live a long life and are extremely healthy.

RETIRING FEMALES- Looking for forever pet homes. Call for Details.



CFA Cattery of Excellence

Maine Coon Lovers Welcome Anytime
Toledo, OH

For information about kittens please contact Linda Davila at:  enveymeow@toast.net

For quicker response, please call: (419) 472-5551

Call for information regarding planned future litters.


Conyers Cats                                   404.401.5050                     www.conyerscat.com
Reynolds Road Animal Hospital      419.531.5589                     www.rrahvet.com  (Hips and Heart)
Alexis Road Animal Hospital        419.475.8387
Everything for Pets                        419.214.0738                   (Delivered to EnveyMeow for your convenience)
Holly S.- Quality Artist                 Call for details.

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