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Enveymeow.com | MAINE COONS

Linda Davila holding her pride and joy, Bullet.

Striving to be the best

Hi, My name is Linda Davila. I have always had a cat my entire life. I started out breeding and showing persian cats since 1998. While showing our persians at the cat shows we came across the Maine Coon breed and my husband and I fell in love with them. Because of the high maintenance required with the persian cat and my carpal tunnel we chose the Maine Coon breed. I have now been breeding Maine Coons since 2001. I can't imagine loving a breed more! The beauty, the size, the gentle nature of these beautiful giants just amazes me. They are so extremely smart and quick to learn new tricks. They can live a long life and are extremely healthy.

CFA Cattery of Excellence
Maine Coon Lovers Welcome Anytime
Toledo, OH
For information about kittens please contact Linda Davila at:
For quicker response, please call: (419) 472-5551

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